Game of Thrones

- the Lannisters relationship

Star Wars

FX Show Taboo

East Enders

Ray Donovan


Murmur of the Heart

Classic healthy portrayal of mom-son consensual incest against the background of a pathological patriarchal society (in this case, 1950's France).

Alpine Fire

a Swiss film about consensual sister-brother love also against the background of a pathological patriarchal society, and a very compelling story, very likely still available on DVD.

My Sister, My Love

a Swedish film about how a middle-aged brother and sister find each other and become lovers for the rest of their lives.

Stay As You Are

exploring daughter-dad consensual incest. it takes an open-ended look at dad-daughter love or at least would-be love.

Spanking The Monkey

to be watched with open-minded skepticism, about mom-son incest under very pressured and pressuring circumstances, specifically the pathologically patriarchal background of an upper middle-class family out in the country whose son is graduating high school and has turned 18 yet is still a virtual prisoner of his would-be parents' (in this case, strictly sperm-and-ovum donors) self-serving ambitions, and allows his mom to use him sexually, against which he rebels later on by nearly killing her only to be caught by his sometime friends while in the act of attempting to choke his mom to death. Thankfully he doesn't kill her but instead contrives his disappearance from his "family's" and "friends'" lives and is last seen getting a permanent lift out of town by a friendly trucker just passing by.

Little Boy Blue

Also, to be viewed with very open-minded skepticism, featuring an older Nastassja Kinski, Ryan Philippe, Shirley Knight and friends, exploring what's technically not incest but is treated that way because the title character doesn't know that the only parents he ever knew all the way into early adulthood are his step-parents, of whom his demented, whacked-out Viet Nam veteran step-dad has repeatedly forced him at gunpoint to make love with his step-mom, thereby siring his two sons who, because of the young man's age, he's capable of passing off as his baby brothers 'til circumstances force him to reveal to his outside girlfriend that his "brothers" are his "sons" (meaning relying on all he knows, he believes he conceived them by his mom instead of by his step-mom). This film won the prestigious Palme D'Or award at the Cannes Film Festival, and takes a pointed look at whether consensual incest is anything like the bogey-man it's falsely been made out to be.

House season 3 episode 5

Finally, look up an amazingly understanding and compassionate segment of the medical series, "House", in which a couple engaged to be married discover, when one of them needs hospitalization and they're both checked out for relevant medical history, that they're half-brother and half-sister. What's amazing is that the medical staff and the two patients describe what's familiar to us as GSA without knowing what they're describing, and that they completely dismiss any idea whatsoever that there's anything wrong with it and actually encourage the couple to go ahead and marry, adding the medical odds that given that they never knew each other 'til they met as adults (hence GSA), and that they're only half-siblings, not full siblings, not only will any children they may have very likely be born healthy and free of defects, but also they finally deal with the all-important fact that people are people, not family stereotypes, and that so what if the couple in question are half-siblings? Since they were separated at birth when they were adopted out to separate families, were raised apart all the way into adulthood, and met each other only as the full-fledged people they are and not as culturally indoctrinated family stereotypes, they've come to know each other lovingly, understandingly, and completely without societal bias, as the people they really are, and since love always demonstrates itself as ITSELF, and not as the product of anyone else's imaginings about it, there's no reason whatever not to continue treating each other with the same love and to continue taking loving, understanding care of each other as whom they are, and not as what society pretends it has a right to dictate to them what others think they ought to be.


Marco Polo

Bates Motel

several deep, complex consang relationships, but very dark and tragic.

Hemlock Grove

two cases of "implied" incest. Tragedy.

The Borgias and Rome

Spanish TV shows (unfortunately no English subtitles as far as I know):

Red Eagle

several consang relationships. Ends in tragedy

What her eyes were hiding

a minor case, doesn't end well

Lineage of power

The show includes over 400 episodes which revolve around this relationship. Tragic ending but at least they DO end up together.