Myths about incest and consanguinamory:

  1. Myth: "Consanguinamory causes birth defects or the children will be deformed" [1][2][3][4]
  2. Myth: "Incest always means someone is being abused" or "People can’t consent to incest" [1][2][5][6]
  3. Myth: "Consanguinamory is wrong, destructive or needs to be stopped" [2][7][8]
  4. Myth: "GSA doesn't exist or is very rare"[2][9][4]
  5. Myth: "Consanguinamorous couples don’t need the freedom to marry, nobody gets busted for this anyway."[2][10][4]
  6. Myth: "I don’t know anyone who has experience GSA or who has been in a consanguinamorous relationship"[2][11]
  7. Myth: "Consanguinamory is unnatural"[2][12]
  8. Myth: "GSA is an excuse for child molestation"[6][13]
  9. Myth: "Only someone who was abused or neglected experiences GSA"[2][14]
  10. Myth: "Anyone experiencing GSA needs therapy" [2][15]
  11. Myth: "Consanguinamorous relationships are illegal everywhere"[2][16]
  12. Myth: "Only loners, losers, freaks, or defective or ugly people experience GSA"[2][17]
  13. Myth: "Sex will always ruin consanguinamorous relationships because a person needs a nonsexual relationship with their genetic relative"[2][18]
  14. Myth: "People who act on GSA won't be able to have normal lives"[19]
  15. Myth: "Incest is abnormal and perverted"[1]
  16. Myth: "Incest perverts and distorts the family dynamic"[1]
  17. Myth: "Incest is an act of desperation, nobody would seriously want to do that"[1]
  18. Myth: "Incest is the result of mental illness"[1]
  19. Myth: "Incest is a sin"[1]
  20. Myth: "Women would not want incest"[6]
  21. Myth: "Incestuous people want to sleep with their whole family"[6]
  22. Myth: "Incest always leads to emotional damage"[6]
  23. Myth: "It only happens as youthful experimentation. Adults don't do this."[2]
  24. Myth: "People only experience GSA because they’d heard about it or knew of their relation"[20]
  25. Myth: "If only they'd known ahead of time, GSA wouldn't have happened"[21]
  26. Myth: "GSA feelings will go away"[22]
  27. Myth: "There is only one good outcome to GSA"[23]
  28. Myth: "Genetic Sexual Attraction is just a fancy way of saying incest"[24]

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